Legalize it by Paulo Ferrada

If one would ask what the most grave problem humanity faces today is, the majority of the answers would be: drugs. Most of the major cities on earth are plagued by drugs and drug-related crimes. Year after year drug-related deaths break records.

Drug money flows into the global economy corrupting everything and everyone on its path. Entire countries are thus bribed, giving drug lords more power than elected presidents. Local authorities try to deal with this problem that has become global but every effort, though, is doomed to fail because problems of this magnitude can only be solved with an international effort of all countries concerned. Not only consumer countries but also producing, laundering and distribution countries must be involved in the solution.

All efforts thus far have had no effect because the focus of all these solutions were on the criminalization of drugs. More arrests, more interceptions of drug shipments will never lead to less crime and drug use.

The only solution is an international legalization of drugs, a free distribution of drugs to addicts and at the same time a world-wide medical programme for rehabilitation and awareness. With the legalization of controlled substances the criminality surrounding it will fade. It will also lead to a sounder and less double standard approach to the whole phenomenon of addiction, with alcohol and tobacco into the equation. A far better educational and awareness programme can thus be developed. The legalization will lead to a better product and this will of course lead to a fall in drug-related deaths.

This new approach to drugs and drug use is the only way to go if the current crime problem is to be handled. Old time repressive solutions have only helped criminals get richer and can be considered a failure.

The legalization of drugs will also lead to less spending. All the funds that were directed into police departments and drug enforcement teams exclusively dealing with this problem can now be used for other purposes. Only a small percentage of this money is needed to fund the medical and educational initiatives that are needed. The heavy arms aid to corrupt governments who try to fight the production of drugs in their territory will not longer be needed. This will save billions that can be used in development plans that benefit the population of the concerned countries and not the political agenda of the ruling parties.

The actual use of drugs is not the real problem. Alcohol was consumed since the first steps of mankind and the human race has learned to deal with the problem of this addictive product and has incorporated this drug into society. The problems started when other addictive products were criminalized, thus creating opportunities for unscrupulous individuals, since they were the only ones who did not take notice of moral or legal laws.

These drugs were effectively handed over into the hands of these individuals and the rest was, as they say, history. The prices became artificially high, creating incredible profits and millions in the hands of criminals.

The legalization of drugs will lead to a dramatic drop in those prices, will stop the exploitation of farmers in drug producing countries, will stop the bribing of politicians, judges and police officers, will stop the unprecedented power and wealth of criminal individuals. Without the funds that artificial drug prices gave them, these kings of corruption and their kingdoms based on terror and violence will cease to exist.

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