Since his birth, Patricio always showed a particular interest in, and aptness, for creation.
Effortless and with a steady hand he could recreate any emotion and bring to life his own interpretation of what he saw as he amazed everyone in his life with his drawings and paintings.

At a very young age he once was found painting a breathtaking pair of horses riding on the waves of a wild sea on a wall in his bedroom, using only his little fingers. When his parents saw him work they were too amazed to either punish or praise him.

He followed his calling when he started studying the Fine Arts at the Kunst Academie in Den Bosch in the Netherlands.
There he discovered the fascinating world of ceramics.
The attraction was immediate: the genuine craftmanship and the wide pallet of expressions that lay in this field were aspects that suited Patricio, an admirer of classical artists, very well. After a traineeship in Limoges (France), and graduating from the Kunst Academie, he started his professional career with a sold out exposition.
Patricio combines his craftmanship of ceramics and his ability to translate emotions and ideas into visual representations, by painting his ceramic pieces.
Influenced by nature and his own world of images he acquired in life, Patricio attempts to celebrate the truths of his existence and connects to different methods of capturing life and all its splendors

Patricio on his art:

"With a nod to the classical, eastern and inca culture, but in an unique own way, I build up my sculptures hollow from clay. It is a derivative from a traditional way that today is seldomly used in ceramics.

The molding of a sculpture out of an amorph material like clay, that after the oven can stand the test of time as molten stone, is something that will always fascinate me.

It is a quest for form and tension that starts from the imaginative middle, the center of the sculpture, and works its way outwards, where the laws of gravity are challenged. The pressure from my hands on the clay is answered by the opposing pressure of the clay which creates formations which result in the development of a form.

That is how I try to release my sculptures, which are build up from a small stand, from the surface they are standing. This emphasizes also the expression that I want to capture: the motion and emotion are almost frozen in the moment.

I paint my sculptures with color pigment and glacing, aiming for something I find very important: the melting of the shape and color, which in ceramics is particular natural and beautiful. For me, color has never the purpose of camouflaging the clay but serves specially to enhance the character of the surface and the natural color of clay, which is never the same. I love the contrast of the soft beige or soft red clay and the fierce color pigment in the glacing.

The pursuit of creating the image in my head is very much influenced by the natural forces of clay, fire, water and air and this is a good thing: there is nothing duller to see than ones own work coming out of the over exactly how one has expected."  

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